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I can't see the point of the kickstarter at all. From the comments, it sounds like almost everyone that would be interested are ONLY after the Amiga game. So just finish/release it in a limited box edition, and a digital download.

As for releasing a demo to gauge compatibility problems, the WHDLoad version of the 1 level demo has already found all the problems:

- Decruncher relocated to fast memory for super speed
- Empty DBF loops fixed in Protracker replayer (x5)
- Byte writes to audio registers fixed (x5)
- additional blitter waits and cache flushes after decrunching added to fix gfx corruption and hangs on faster machines (ACA1231, 68040/60)

I am confident any kickstarter for a PC or Mac version of the game will fail, and it would delay the Amiga version yet again. Just release the Amiga version, and if you really want to do a kickstarter, make that separate from (and after) the Amiga release.
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