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intuition_40.86b7(020+)(24.08.14).library this is cosmo library old and buggy You should forget about it. Also when you use custom kickstart you should rename or remove DEVS:AMIGA ROM UPDATE file.

Here is my custom rom:
-exec_45.25.30 (optimized by cosmo, should be newest, no bugs found yet)
(1MB_ROM - bulid-in cosmo exec.library)
-audio.device_37.10 (original from kickstart 3.1)
-battclock.resource_39.3 (original from kickstart 3.1)
-battmem.resource (optimized by don_adan)
-bootmenu_44.7(68020) (original from os 3.9 AMIGA ROM UPDATE file)
-card.resource (optimized by don_adan)
-carddisk.resource_40.1 (I cant remember if it is original or not)
-cia.resource (optimized by don_adan)
-kingcon-handler (optimized by cosmo , replaces con-handler, require to remove some lines in s-s)
-console.device (optimized by don_adan)
-disk.resource (optimized by don_adan)
-dos.library (original, you can try don_adan's version which is smaller but it does not load localized version of dos.catalog, only english)
-expansion_40.2(A1200) (original form kick 3.1 A1200)
-filesystem.resource (optimized by don_adan)
-filesystem (unofficial version of fast file sytem 45.16)
-gadtools.library_40.4 (original from kick 3.1)
-graphics.library_40.26b3 (optimized by cosmo, require setpatch 44.40)
-icfind (this module by don_adan will load icon.library from disk, Peter K. icon.library 46.4.451 recommended)
-intuition.library_40.85 (original)
-input.device (v50 from poseidon usb stack)
-gameport_keyboard_40.1 (extracted by remus from original input.device,required)
-keymap.library_40.4 (original from kick 3.1)
-layers.library (optimized by Thomas Richter)
-mathffp.library (use HSmathlibs for speed)
-mathieeesingbas.library (use HSmathlibs for speed)
-misc.resource (optimized by don_adan)
-potgo.resource (optimized by don_adan)
-ram-handler_44.24_NoBss (unofficial version )
-ramdrive_39.35 (original from kick 3.1)
-ramlib (optimized by don_adan)
-romboot_44.3 (unofficial version)
-scsi.device (there is cosmo and don_adan version you should check which is faster/better)
-shell_45.38.1 (optimized by Thomas Richter, require execute command v45.15 to work)
-timer.device_39.4 (original from kick 3.1)
-trackdisk.device (optimized by don_adan, may not work witch very old floppy drive)
-utility.library (optimized by don_adan)
-wbtag (replaces wbtask_39.1 from original kick 3.1) (by don_adan)
-wbfind (module by don_adan it load workbench.library from disk,you can use current cosmo version of this library which is 45.138, but I not sure if it is bug free)

So if use don_adans dos.library or remove scsi.device we can put all in 512KB kickstart.
For 1MB kickstart we need to put romheader module by cosmo first in extended rom.
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