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I think I found what the problem was. The Issue was with the Updated exec.library_45.25.15. I replaced with it the Original 45.20 from BB2 and it now works perfectly with all Workbench Versions. I did some tests with this ROM and it seems to work Perfectly in WINUAE with 68020+ emulation but I would like to hear from other people. I will include all modules required for the Remus Built EXCEPT the stock 40.68 since you will have to extract this from your Original ROM. You will have to use the RomSplit utility from an older version of Remus (Pre 1.51)

The Kickstart Boot Screen contains the 3D Boing Ball graphics instead of the stock checkmark. The Version displayed is "3.9 ROM Kickstart Version 45.57". You will need to patch your original "romboot_40.1" using this Program from Aminet

The ROM Folder contains Files from WT31.lzh
The Extras Folder has updated Libraries from Various Sources

As I mentioned Everything EXCEPT the copyrighted parts of the Custom ROM are included here

There is no Copyrighted material linked is this Post. You will need to extract the Original files from your Original Rom

Here are the Custom Rom Project files for Remus 1.51


; Generated by Remus 1.51


SaveROM "Work:Kickstart/Kickv3.9 rev 45.57.rom"
ModDir System:Remus/Others/BlizKick/
ROMBase $F80000
ROMSize 512
ImageType 0

;Build list

ADD Work:Modules/44.57_ROMUpdate(3.9bb2)/exec_45.20(A1200-A500)
ADD Others/Blizkick/1MB_ROM
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/audio.device_37.10
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/battclock.resource_39.3
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/battmem.resource
ADD Work:Modules/44.57_ROMUpdate(3.9bb2)/bootmenu_44.7(68020)
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/card.resource_40.4
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/carddisk.resource_40.1
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/cia.resource
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/con-handler_40.2
ADD Work:Modules/44.57_ROMUpdate(3.9bb2)/console.device_44.8
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/disk.resource
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/dos.library_40.3
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/expansion_40.2(A1200)
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/FileSystem.resource
ADD Work:Modules/44.57_ROMUpdate(3.9bb2)/filesystem_45.13
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/gadtools.library_40.4
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/graphics.lib_40.24(AGA)
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/icon.library_40.1
ADD Work:Modules/Extras/intuition_40.86b7(020+)(24.08.14).library
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/input_40.1
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/keymap.library_40.4
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/layers.library_40.1
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/mathffp.library
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/mathieeesingbas.library
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/misc.resource
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/potgo.resource
ADD Work:Modules/44.57_ROMUpdate(3.9bb2)/ram-handler_44.24_NoBss
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/ramdrive_39.35
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/ramlib
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/romboot_44.3
ADD Work:Modules/Extras/scsi.device_43.46b8_A600_A1200
ADD Work:Modules/44.57_ROMUpdate(3.9bb2)/shell_45.7
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/timer.device_39.4
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/trackdisk.device_40.1
ADD Work:Modules/ROM/utility.library
ADD Work:Modules/40.68(A1200)/wbtask_39.1
ADD System:Remus/Others/BlizKick/ROMfixes2
Extended ROM

; Generated by Remus 1.51


SaveROM "Work:Kickstart/Kickv3.9 rev 45.57-extended.rom"
ModDir Work:Modules/BoingBag34/
ROMBase $E00000
ROMSize 512
ImageType 0

;Build list

ADD Others/ROMHeader/ROMHeader_E0
ADD Work:Modules/BoingBag34/workbench.library
Thanks for all the recommendations. I would love to hear from somebody who could try this on Real hardware.

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