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Crime Inc - Lime Pink - The original GTA??

the original GTA??
This seems to be a interesting Game from the notes on HOL

"The programmer of this game launched a legal action against Rockstar North for alleged copyright violation due to the similarity of Grand Theft Auto to Crime Inc. Further details are available at Mark Gallagher's website."

BBC News -

Mark Gallagher's website -

Im not a fan of the later GTA games but the original GTA and Retro City Rampage

- Now it seems we already have our own Retro City Rampage for Amiga the original GTA - Crime Inc

I gave the game a quick go and indead there are obvious similarities

- What I want to know - how do you control the character I know its using the Mouse but what are the ingame keys etc.

-What do you think of the game etc

- What do you think of the games similarities with GTA ?

The authors other game Smash TV The rip off is also a nice game.

OKso you just use right mouse button to talk etc this game is looking quite good but unfinished - also have to test it with fakemem to see if it will run on other amiga setups.

To shoot hold Right Mouse button and click on person with left - looks the same a GTA 1

To change actions right click on character.

and if anyone figures out how to use the editor - While trying the editor a zool 2 picture came up that ive not seen before. - for zool pic in map editor press F8 then I for other picture of M press N.

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