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Originally Posted by earok View Post
I gave it a little more of a play before. Tried changing from PAL to NTSC, maybe too fast but it's impressively slick. The cornering is tricky but I'm sure it's masterable, it's totally weird that you can do a fully 360 degree turn in an Outrun style racing game though. Different characters seem to corner differently, the girl seems to corner a bit better than the old man that's the default player.

Edit: I wonder if it's possible to clamp the maximum turn angle to say 45 degrees, it'd break the soccer game etc but might make the racing game more manageable.
Certainly when you play Desert Strike in NTSC mode it matches the speed of the Mega Drive version I would assume the same would apply to Jungle Strike, They are US games after all.

Last time I tried booting Jungle Strike CD32 into NTSC mode the game switched it back to PAL so I think a patch of some kind might be needed.

Thanks for the link I'll check it out
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