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Final Odyssey remains here because it was an old request... But 0% done...

Street Racer runs now Needs CD32load v0.27, a new slave, a super-expert config involving 2 CD buffers and a swap zone (not aligned on 64k!) and updated data files (to be able to keep that swap zone instead of overwriting it with the main program)
So it was not a piece of cake but went rather well thanks to WinUAE and the 4MB chip test mode. In the end, only 3 or 4k of memory remain free !

Well, I'm the one who adapted the game from floppy to CD officially, so now I'm adapting it to CD32 unofficially and the CD can be bootable with CDXL intro. I'm sure you're up to the task!

I have zoned the modified version with the run script. I'll let you create the ISO...

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