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Amiga Games You've Completed (No Cheats)

Here's a list of the ones I finished back in the day in no particular order:

01. Chaos Engine
02. Second Samurai
03. Brian The Lion
04. Lion Heart (On hard mode, Lionhard owned me)
05. Lotus II
06. Space Quest II
07. Space Quest III
08. The Secret Of Monkey Island
09. Monkey Island II: LeChuck's Revenge
10. Universe
11. Curse Of Enchantia
12. Turrican (Alien stages enraged me, the older me wouldn't have the patience now)
13. Turrican II
14. Turrican III (Normal & Hard mode)
15. Lemmings (Easy mode, could never be arsed to try harder levels)
16. Shadow Fighter (Normal difficultly)
17. James Pond 2
18. Ruff N Tumble (Thank goodness for level codes)
19. Simon The Sorcerer
20. Alien Breed 3D
21. Golden Axe
I might have finished Super Stardust, either that or I came bloody close. Might be more but can't remember..

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