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Originally Posted by FrodeSolheim View Post
So it seems that FS-UAE isn't "talking" to OpenGL properly. It is possibly OpenGL initialization fails for some reason, and that this failure simply isn't logged by FS-UAE...

Do other SDL + OpenGL programs work on your system?
Oh the embarrassment....!

Ok so I tried to run glxgears, no go. So I compare all the driver and mesa related packages on my desktop to my laptop and they match so I installed them again but still no go

Just for curiosity's sake I check which gfx driver is actually enabled and none are, running on framebuffer! Now I enabled 'a' gfx driver via automated script but never verified it when it said successful. So this time I manually enabled the intel driver, rebooted and hey presto glxgears does it's thing. Lauch fs-uae and whadda ya know works like a charm.

So in all honesty there never was a problem but boy do I feel stupid and relieved at the same time

It's 01:30 in the morning and I'm playing Wings, set to accurate it does not tax my cpu above 83%.

Thanks for all the help, I'll play around with fs-uae and try set it up to see how far I can push things on this laptop. Suppose I got some reading to do.
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