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Emplant and CyberVision 64/3D Compatibility?

As per the title, is the Emplant board compatible with any of the functions of the CyberVision 64/3D (and its flickerfixer)? Google isn't helping.

I'm currently working on the 'how many OS's can you run in one box?' project. I'm an IT teacher about to move into much smaller accommodation in a new building and need to rationalise.
'Bert' our trusty LCII looks as though he's going to have to go and my A1200 is coming home again. My A2000 is going in the other direction, though. It's got the CV 64/3D in it (and yes, I know the flickerfixer isn't fully compatible). I can plug it into the board and get a crystal sharp image of the Amiga xcreens, but I've know idea whether I would be able to display Emplant screens in the same way.

While on the subject, has anyone got experience with PC-task and retargettable graphics?
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