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Keeping in mind that this comment is just off the top of my head (not checked) I have a feeling that AmigaSYS's install does recognise the AmigaXL CD-ROM.

Amikit (again if memory serves) installs using OS 3.1 floppy images, & you then upgrade the system to 3.9 from within the set up. Recognises your CD..? I suspect so, but a nose round the website prior to downloading should clinch it.

Um, Amithlon (& AmigaXL) work rather well from that particular CD.

If I'm mistaken on both of the above one doesn't need to give up hope:
Examining the installers for either 'distro' will likely reveal how to add them to a current 3.9 install...
...with luck it will be no more complicated than copying the files directly over 3.9 - some care may be needed with the contents of SYS:s & the specific CPU libs required...
...and you'll likely need to make sure your partitions are present / labeled as your chosen 'distro' expects.

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