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Dead 1200

I have a problem with a one of my 1200s. It was working fine then one day it wouldn't boot. HD light came on and stayed on. Tried a number of things, replaced ROM chips, pulled drives and accelerator card, still nothing. Now all it does is the power light comes on, HD spins up the HD led flashes a couple of times then nothing. Occasionally I will get a yellow screen which I believe is a CPU problem. But it doesn't do that all the time. Mostly just a flickering unlocked black screen . HD led flashes but no FD flashes. Power light does not flash like I've seen on other posts. Just solid Power led, couple of HD flashes and a black screen. Did the CPU die? Can they be changed? I have some experience with surface mount stuff so that idea doesn't completely bother me. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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