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I am definitely in the 'Shadow of the Beast is best enjoyed as a running demo' -camp, but I do appreciate it much precisely for the reason Galahad mentioned. Back in the day many ST and Amiga games were pretty so closely neck to neck, that for many it seemed kind of debatable if Amiga was any better as a gaming computer and Atari owners were convinced ST was able to pull off at least close to what Amiga had to offer, but with a lower price point.

When Shadow of the Beast came out it was such leaps and bounds ahead of the games at the time that this debate was over if you were one of those who were kind of on the fence which platform to get. This was the future, and only Amiga could offer it.

I never did play C64 version, but it seems to capture well the spirit of the Amiga game. Kind of reminds me of Hawkeye – another C64 title with very meh gameplay, but presentation so lovely that it kept me hooked for days.

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