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Originally Posted by coder76 View Post
But yeah, I see that in the cave/castle section there is some precomputed background animation with dot characters that occupy each a 8x8 char. Looks cheap and there's a problem in that irregular shapes in foreground get a black box around them, as you can't afford to make too many char animations with those dots.
Yep, all the parallax background is essentially just one char that gets scrolled (it does not need to be precomputed, even the C64 is fast enough to scroll an 8x8 char with the CPU each frame ).

You're totally right about the black borders around everything in the foreground that does not fit on the char raster. But in motion it still looks quite nice, even more so on blurry TV. Turrican 1 and 2 on the C64 use that effect extensively, it adds a lot to the game visuals, IMHO.
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