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Originally Posted by saimon69 View Post
If you go down on just 32 colors and change the first 16 (= 128 colors) would that reduce bandwidth for basic single screen platformers?

Well sure, when you reduce bitplanes and copper instructions, then you get more DMA time for blitter and also more CPU time if you run code from chip ram, or this pseudo fast ram 512k expansion which everyone had for A500.

Everything works of course much better under AGA, when you also have fast ram+more bitplanes, and the ability the swap an entire color bank with a single copper instruction.

There is no restriction on scrolling screen with the sliced EHB method (or other normal bitplane modes), it doesn't distort colors like HAM mode, and since you also have a fixed palette for blitter objects and sprites, you can move them also vertically without distorting their colors.
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