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Originally Posted by coder76 View Post
It's of course also possible to use normal bitplane mode or extra halfbright (EHB), and then change palette on every scanline, but leave a set of colors unchanged; that way you can also move around blitter objects without distorting their colors when moving object horizontally or vertically.

The sliced EHB mode certainly works better for games than sliced HAM.

Sliced EHB technique was used by the game Universe. It changes only first 16 colors on a scanline basis and leaves the other 16 colors untouched for objects, and these colors are also used by sprites. It seems that not that many colors are changed per scaline (probably 2-8), as the game is said to have only 256 colors in all, so the copper doesn't also slow down CPU access to chip ram completely. But this mode is probably not suitable for fast action games on OCS.
If you go down on just 32 colors and change the first 16 (= 128 colors) would that reduce bandwidth for basic single screen platformers?
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