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The extra buttons of a CD32 joypad are read using a serial polling routine. You have to configure I/O port to read them.

And they work on any amiga, including A500. Not a hack. Just that there aren't dedicated CIA or POTGO bits for those. You have to program the I/O to read them, using POTGO but controlled by CIA registers (it may be slightly inaccurate, I'm apologizing to the hardware experts out there)

The best JOYPAD is MickGyver KTRLCD32 IMHO. However, my advice is that diagonals are harder to pull on joypads. This can be remediated easily for all those "up for jump" games (by remapping jump to the second button), but not for games like Chaos Engine where you really need diagonals (or Speedball II). For those, only my Wico does the job properly.

I would dream of a normal stick with CD32 buttons.
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