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Here's the same random image search with the computer name swapped out. Looks much more awesome!

For a 7/8 MHz processor and 1 floppy disk, you must lower your expectations substantially if you want something like we mean today by word processor.

Vector fonts will be extremely slow, and bitmap fonts for just a few fonts, sizes, and styles will themselves occupy a disk. The other problem to overcome is enough CPU and RAM to actually have a layout back buffer, or else have very slow redraw every time you typed a character.

At the time of A500 and before, there was the concept of printer-only fonts: word processors like Wordstar used a text mode or similar to emulate styles but not fonts, but you could still print them using fonts in the printer's RAM. Layout would be almost nonexistant - you'd get the text out in the right order of flow and lines would wrap, but that was it.

I'm pretty sure KindWords works fine if slowish on an A500 with a sidecar harddisk+RAM or the equivalent. That's where I feel the minimum spec is.
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