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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
I think what may sway people like xubidoo who struggle to get past early levels is to include what NeoGeo CD games used to, by having arcade modes with unlimited lives or credits via an options screen.

Obviously people who want to play via the normal easy, normal, hard modes can do so, but for casual gamers who don't mind going through the whole game in one sitting, but still enjoy the experience and still get more game time than always die-ing on the first level would benefit.

Times have changed i do this on modern games that allow it and enjoy the game if its normally too hard for me and its easy for the dev to implement, don’t forget the game will be cracked after launch, why not give the option to people who pay full price in their retail package?

Edit: and regarding high scores, just do what many games do, if the unlimited lives option is selected than the high score table will be disabled, i think people are used to that anyway.
There will be no "unlimited lives" setting, as this would severely damage the feeling of accomplishment a shmup needs in my opinion. In games like R-Type, Half-Life, Super Metroid or – even more so – modern Soulslikes like Bloodborne you feel like a real hero after you managed to survive a stage or chapter. Check out Let´s plays of RESHOOT R (from Morgan Just Games for example [ Show youtube player ]) on youtube and you can almost see and hear the adrenaline flow. That´s how I want RP3 to feel too.

Some kind of additional arcademode which runs separately from the campain? Nice-to-have. Takes a lot of time to get this implemented in the quality that I want to see in RP3. and therefore will probably not happen.

On the positive side: Two difficulty settings are already designed and partly implemented, so novice players should be able to enjoy most of the game – or even the whole game if they are willing to work on their skills. Hard mode will noticeably modify gameplay and should be a challenge to the more experienced shmup guys.

invent also proposes a stage choice screen. Combining this with uinlockable stages just like in Thunderforce IV, that might make sense and is not too time consuming to do. So this could happen. As is the case with a two player hot seat mode.

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