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The program has an option to use ( Commodore' s) 68040.library. Would it be ok to fool the program using really a 68060 library instead ?!?
I succeeded in that by renaming the lib files accordingly, but guess I would be a little on an undiscovered land by doing this ?!
Anyone there who would like the aCD32Emulator program( s) optimized/ fixed for 060 Amiga users ?
You can replace real 68040 lib by the 68060 version (also called 68040.library) and put 68060.library in LIBS: too.

AFAIK 68060 library isn't here to boost the performance (apart from enabling the "new" branch/superscalar caches), but rather to implement scalar instructions that were removed from the 68060 because they were seldom used. They're emulated instead (most famous: MOVEP). So if you don't put the 060 lib, and treat the 68060 like a 68040 it may work to some extent, but also crash if one of the games uses a non-implemented instruction.
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