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Problems with some CD32 Games emulation

Hello folks,

Using the CD32 Emulator ( that came with the Idefix package) and/ or the Squirrel CD32 Emu;
I currently have some problems with Impossible Mission,
Pirates! Gold, and Zool etc.
The main problem is, that the intro animation sequences won' t work properly; the screen gets corrupt with some pixel mosaic and the sounds very distorted and corrupt.
Those games worked ok with tge intros/ animations before.
However, there are two main changes in my hardware configuration: before I used my drives with A4000s internal ide bus; now Im using the Fastlane Scsi card only, and thought my setup is propably quite ok.
The second change is the removing of that buggy old A3640 processor card and replacing it with tbtorro' s A3660 card. I think the årocessor is working mainly ok.

Any ideas for configuring/ optimizing the cd rom file system for Scsi-2 ..?!
I did install my cdrom driver with the cdrom installer that came with the OS3.9 cd . However, it seems that installer doesn' t allow any more accurate fine adjusting of the driver; and the Cachecdfs dosdriver file is a little too complicated for me.
How to properly enable direct Scsi commands, for example ?!
I have another question, regarding the CD32 Emulator package/ program ( Idefix/ Cachecdfs):
The program has an option to use ( Commodore' s) 68040.library. Would it be ok to fool the program using really a 68060 library instead ?!?
I succeeded in that by renaming the lib files accordingly, but guess I would be a little on an undiscovered land by doing this ?!
Anyone there who would like the aCD32Emulator program( s) optimized/ fixed for 060 Amiga users ?
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