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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
Do it again, both for text and graphics.

i was forgetting to save the overscan results.
did it again, saved, and now its working fine.

Originally Posted by dodke View Post

If you don't mind resolution switching the one higher frequency mode that seems to work fine on mine is euro72. It's 640x400 and absolutely no vertical line artifacts.

just tried euro72. looks bad. tried loads of pixel clock and phase values, and none of them could get rid of these strange horitzontal bars on the edge of the screen - like the teeth of a comb.
and it did not fill the screen - 1-2inch borders on all sides. overscan would not work with that screenmode.

cannot get dblpal to work right. the resulting image has 1-2inch borders on all edges, and overscan will not go beyond those edges to fill the screen.
plus it seems very slow compared to pal-hires

anyway to get rid of the flicker in pal-hires-laced?

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