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@jotd Not 100% related but in case you would not know, nonvolatile.library already has a builtin mechanism to use alternative storage if available, see e.g. Amiga Developer CD 2.1 autodocs (or here):
nonvolatile.library will automatically access the best nonvolatile storage available in the system. Disk based storage will be selected first and if not available, NVRAM storage will be accessed.
The location for nonvolatile disk storage is contained in the file prefs/env-archive/sys/nv_location. This file should contain a data string that specifies a lockable location.
When opened, the nonvolatile library will search all drives within the system until it finds this file.
The CD32-MegaGames1 compilation uses this mechanism (and even creates the necessary folders/file if necessary) if a writeable device/volume SCORES: is there during boot.
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