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Originally Posted by turrican3 View Post
I'm confuse with my memory,
The cd32 has a port to add a floppy ??? no ???
I have a doubt because i had a sx32 or 1 at the time,
I'm sure that i used a disk drive with my cd32 but was it on a vanillia cd32
or is it through my sx stuff ?? don't remember!
Originally Posted by Glen M View Post
No floppy port. You could buy an addon that plugged into the expansion slot and added a floppy drive. It was a bulky white thing and the drive sat on top of the CD32 above the expansion slot. I don't know if it had a pass through for adding an FMV card internal also.

EDIT: This thing - https://www.bigbookofamigahardware.c...t.aspx?id=1880

Looks like it had a pass through of sorts for a real time clock but I don't know if it would of support the FMV card. I do know the TF cards do not work with this riser though.

Sorry missed this post.

@Glen, I was talking about saving directly to NVRAM of the CD32.

Using tools available and ones created by Earok. We can set RAM up with a small RAD: and save to there, then compress and insert it into NVRAM. Then to load, give option on boot to load save game and it does the reverse.

If you need an example, look at Syndicate American Revolt on CD32 Compilation, it gives you option to insert save into NVRAM.

Been so busy of the last two years. I have not even had a play around with CD32Load, does that allow redirect to NVRAM saving?
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