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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post
Everything we've been given since 3.1 has been shit. Let's face it.
I don't know about 3.1.4, but from what I have seen of 3.5 and 3.9 I suspect you are right. I was thinking about getting 3.9 to run programs that need it, so I obtained an 'evaluation' copy to try it out before purchasing. It soon got deleted though - too many problems and not enough to like.

Originally Posted by kolla
what do you care about 3.X anyways? Didn't you write somewhere that you find anything beyond pure old CBM 3.1 pointless and useless?
Getting detailed info on exactly what 3.X is was difficult, but it appears to be a mishmash of patches and updated drivers for 3.1. My objection to that is the ambiguity and possible incompatibilities, but those are minor issues. I presume that it is basically the same as 3.1, and Cloanto appear to be promoting it as such.

My main objection to later versions is that by offering 'advanced' features that cannot be provided on lesser systems they fragment the market. We are already seeing that with so many new Aminet releases being 3.9 only (along with 'AGA + 060' productions that must have a tiny audience). Frankly I had enough of that nonsense on PCs, and it's disturbing to see the same thing happening in the Amiga scene.
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