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Originally Posted by Bruce Abbott View Post
Yet somehow they were still able to patch the ROM to produce the peculiarly named '3.X'
Which is no magic, as there are several tools around to build custom kickstarts.

along with some kind of DRM that I can't figure out ("Each 3.X ROM set comes with a license key that can be used to download the ROM or the "workbench.library" file for installation or recovery purposes." - huh?).
Same kind of "DRM" that Hyperion uses to make ADFs, extra material and updates - you register at their site, and downloads will be available.

Fair enough, can't do much more without source I guess. But what I am concerned about is what they will do when they do have rights to the source-code.
Open up the development model - allowing more parties to participate and contribute to OS development, without enforcing draconic clauses, economic chaos, threats east and west...

Not really Amiga related? Perhaps, but if that's how they treat the C64 community...
This is still "a problem" in the Amiga community, for the sake of badmouthing Cloanto - the C64 community has no issues here.

"missed opportunity for Cloanto to make some money", but that was the entire point - the 8bit guy wanted to keep the costs down, and did not want to rely on any licensing. Also he wanted freedom for the code - I don't know if Cloanto, despite being IP owner, even _have_ the source code for the original C64 ROMs, could very well be that they only have binaries. So "freedom for the code" may very well be an impossibility, or rely on disassembling, but then it might be easier to do what the 8bit guy decided to do - write his own ROM code. Hyperion sycophants here are insist on whining on about Cloanto not wanting to give away C64 ROMs, while the people involved have long since talked it over and resolved the issue. Any end-user with a C64 clone can buy ROMs from Cloanto themselves, if they wish to do so.
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