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Originally Posted by LongLifeA1200 View Post

Show me a hardware "emulator" with at least HDMI support that isn't permanently waiting for stock or permanently in development.
Show me the Tabor or the X5000...
Ok, you are not interested in these, but here at least the software developers have access to the source-code.

How should Cloanto be able to help any "classic" hardware, when they did not have the rights for the source-code?
How is that related in any way to HDMI at all?

Cloanto acquired the right to distribute the old Kickstart and Workbench for emulators - that is what they did.
No fancy product announcements, but also no broken promises.

Today they own more right, but it is still not clear what that means exactly, so the court will decide.

- The old "no response" to 8-Bit Guy is still a response, trick.
I actually was the one who brought this matter into the discussion ...
Still no good communication on Cloantos side - but also the 8-bit Guy is partly to blame here - to a lesser degree.
But this is a Cloanto and C64 specific thing and not really Amiga related.
I was actually mentioning it as a missed opportunity for Cloanto to make some money.
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