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Originally Posted by kolla View Post
As for why Cloanto didn't try to reproduce legacy hardware... on several occasions, they did exactly that, by licensing kickstart and OS to Minimig, MiST etc and even Vampire cards come with a kickstart licensed by Cloanto.
They're emulators (MiST/MiniMig is the same thing by the way) and none of those projects are the result of Cloanto's initiative. Don't be fooled into thinking that license is free, either. That's why the 8-Bit Guy got no response.

Mike: "Free? What is this 'Free' you speak of, Mr. Eight Byte Dude?"

Nevermind that you cannot even buy any of those, anyhow.

Also; saying "they [Cloanto] did exactly that" when all they did, when asked, was charge a licensing fee to use their logo and copyrighted binaries (that were not developed by Cloanto anyway), is yet another example of giving Cloanto FAR too much credit than they deserve.

Originally Posted by kolla View Post
Hyperion have been sitting on the source repos and claiming exclusive rights and not allowing anyone to do anything, for longer than the entire existence of Commodore Amiga. It was only with the prospect of making some quick and much needed revenue due to "new and exciting hardware" that they allowed ThoR and Olsen to drum up 3.1.4 for them. And now OS3 is in the same dire situation as OS4. Awesome.
You're confusing Cloanto's business model of Licensing (No risk/All reward/No initiative/No market research/Money from doing nothing).

So what you're saying is: While Hyperion couldn't touch the legacy IP, once 'new' legacy-based hardware started hitting the market, they were well in their right to make updates for the OS3?

Why is Cloanto still following in Amiga Inc's footsteps? He says he inherited the lawsuit. So why doesn't he drop it. Why doesn't he settle? Why stop development if he SO in favor of development? Hmm?

Mike told some telling things in the interview, namely that he wants to "preserve the beauty" of Commodore Computers. Since Hyperion can only use that ugly boing-ball to replace the copyrighted twin rainbow checkmark on new Kickstarts they inadvertently offended that beauty. Avoiding the Cloanto-tax might also have something to do with it.
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