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Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
No, I won't. Everyone knows that records favour the LOW frequencies because of their physical nature, and so higher frequencies will not fare anywhere near as well. You're talking about vibrations in a solid groove combined with electromagnetic induction, which work fine with low frequencies but obviously struggle with high pitches, unlike compact disc which treats ALL frequencies equally, with error correction. As soon as records get dust or even scratches, they're screwed.

And you favour records? Please. Everyone knows vinyl collectors buy records for the cover art, nothing more.
Seriously? Records have FAR superior high frequency response to that of CD's. Obviously, you've heard very few, if any!

A CD is limited at 22.05khz (half the samplerate of 44.1khz). A record suffers from no such limitation since it's an analogue source. In fact, some records contain frequencies all the way up to 50khz!

The difference is like night and day. You'll hear sounds on vinyl you didn't even know were there on the CD. The compact disc was a giant step backwards in sound quality.
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