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A500+ battery leak? Can it be fixed? And an A500 issue...

Hello all!

I've acquired an A500 plus and a A500. Here's the details:

A500 - case cracked. Disk drive missing bits and does not take disk when inserted. BUT switches on and comes to KS 1.3 screen! Although will occasionally throw Guru Meditation error just before the last screen colour change. Pressing left mouse button brings me to KS 1.3 screen. Since the floppy drive is defunct, I cannot test any further. Can I get a new case or just not bother? Also how about if I use the A500+ case as donor since that is not working anyhow (See below)?

A500+ - in good overall condition. Disk drive seems to take disk and eject well just mechanically as not able to test full functionality. Does NOT boot at all. Initially it was showing no signal on TV with both floppy and power lights staying on. Leaving it powered on for 1 min and then powering off and on resulted in blue screen which was not always coming up as would occasionally show no signal but now only the power light is on without floppy drive. I opened the case and saw a lot of what looks like battery leak of oxidation damage around Even CIA, Gary and various other components close to battery. The Gary chip came off easily but the corrosion meant the bits which hold the leg on adaptor came off too. Is this something which can be fixed or worth it? I know A500+ riddled with battery leaks but I took a bit of faith and regret it now!

I'll try and upload the pics as best as I can. Any support or input much appreciated

Kind regards,

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