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And here I am ...

First box is already torrented and I think I will just post the torrent links for future imaged boxes here because on the Commodore AMiga facebook group the first link is already flagged within 12 hours and gone. Is it facebook or moderation out of fear the group gets flagged as piracy spreaders by people that still live in 1992... I leave that in the middle. It is what it is.

ANyway this is what I do and did with the first box:

I made adf files of it's contents without changing a thing. The adf have the name like it showed up in workbench or in case of NDOS disks I gave them the name that was on the label. There might and will be virusses, I don't checked what version it is or who cracked it and etcetera .... that part I leave to the community.

The good news already is that the first box contained 179 disks with only 3 that were bad.

Here is torrent number 1 ... keep seeding for a while and use the contents whatever way you seem fit.
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