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Problems with game on cd-rom-image


I tried to run the game "Genetic Species" from a cd-rom iso image yesterday and all, except the cd music, worked fine. Then I saved my conf for further use.

Today I loaded the same conf in fs-uae and the first issue I noticed was that there was no entry in the launcher cd loader. So I closed the launcher and looked in the config file and - the entry "cdrom_drive_0 = Genetics.iso" was there!? After restarting the launcher I rescanned the complete data bank and selected the conf again - and there was again no entry in the cd-rom-drive field. So I selected the image file from cd-rom folder and saved the conf again. But the entry disappeared again, thus the conf file contains the correct entry. All other entries in the launcher appeared correctly after selecting the conf.

The next issue happend in the game itself. There is a ingame menue from which you can select with the windows-keyboard arrow keys. This worked until the reboot from my pc today. After starting the launcher with the unchanged conf this keys don't work anymore so its impossible to select the game options. Strangly all other keys incl. mouse are working.

So I decided to test a second different cd-rom image of the game - but here it is impossible to use the esc-key in the ingame menue, all other keys incl. arrow keys are working. Very strange.

Because I'm not expierienced with Amiga and it's emulation I hope that someone can help me.

Thanks for your reply.



My system specs are as following:

- Windows 10 Home
- FS-UAE portable 2.9.4dev 64bit
- all kickstart roms are from amiga forever and are correctly installed
- starting game from image with installed classicwb-uae-v28 or wb3.1 floppy-image (got it from amiga forever)
- all importend folders for fs-uae are in the emulator directory like default

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