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UI placeholders, be gone!

Fireproof wood patent included!

Yes, yes, YES! One major missing link regarding the game's gfx, presentation (and design) is finally complete!
For a first time since the beginning the UIs lose their placeholder skin to a proper pixel art decorated theme! On top of that, the new UIs offer not only a visual but an overall upgrade on the old designs, facilitating the main bulk of the end game planned functionality, Survival AND Story mode alike!

This announcement actually carries much more weight than it may look in the first place, as it means that we have already progressed with the end game and Story mode design: the basic layers of the story itself have been set, the plot is more or less determined and whatever we've created so far (from map sets to characters, weapons, collectables and enemies) have been already fused into it!

At the same time the overall game itself has made a big turn towards a more RPGish structure incorporating key elements into it, namely a leveling system for your Character and the hunt for all those powers which become available at the Shop UI (like Weapons, Elements and other stuff) in the form of collectable Power Orbs!
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