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1st progress update of '17!

As of today we've completed and integrated into the game a huge chunk of features and gfx planned for demo v1.0! Here's an inclusive list:

UIs & Shop:
- New, intuitive shop design with extended functionality and inventory management.
- Revised looks, new animated selectors, shop effects and parts
- Inventories for your purchased Weapons and Effects
- Ability to Equip different Weapons to your HUD slots
- Universal use of Effects, ability to equip them to any Weapon you own
- Ability to Sell your Weapons and Effects
- In-game quick equip Weapon to HUD slot via 1-9 keys or Weapons cycle button
- In-game quick equip Effect to current selected HUD slot and Weapon via F1-F6 keys or Effects cycle button
- More weapon 'Speed' and 'Power' upgrade steps!
- Effects "Damage" upgradability: Make your Effect more lethal!
- Effects "Efficiency" upgradability: Improve your Effect's performance! (ex. make it push enemies further away e.t.c.)
- New 'Backfire' Weapon versions of 'Spread' and 'Rapid'
- New 'Purple' Effect: Destroys enemy bullets and collects items (coins & stuff) in it's path!
- Zoid speed upgrades: Make your character move faster!
- Ability to purchase health and other extras from the shop

- Revised character design and animation
- Character 'Entry' anim
- Flash and screen shake effects
- New character death explosion anim
- Collectable items: 3 gem types added, revised health and new 'collect' effect
- New projectile explosion and sparkle effects
- Expanded tileset

Main Menus:
- Animated Pixelglass intro
- New Main Menu looks
- Completely revised 'Controls' page with the ability to select different configurations and shooting methods using 1 button, 2 button joystick or cd-32 joypad!

Game engine:
- General in-game performance upgrade
- Better loading times
- Better memory management

Still to come/currently WIP:

1) 'Ethereal Blaze' milestone: this new planned "god mode" powerup will turn your body into an unstoppable force of destruction!

2) Enemies milestone: We've got currently 22 new enemy types to implement! This milestone is basically the bulk of the work that's left. More on this subject with a more detailed presentation of enemy types later on

3) Difficulty progression milestone: with all the new stuff included the difficulty progression of the survival mode will see a fresh re-design.
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