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The SNES had a much larger & varied library of quality of games than the Genesis & PCE put together.
Also the SNES killed the Genesis in world-wide sales (double figure difference)
Games looked just so much better on the SNES compared to Genesis.
Just a few Examples:
CastlaVania 4 & X (SNES) looked better than CastleVania Blood lines (Genesis)
Super Turrican 1 & 2 Vs Mega Turrican
Super Contra III Vs Contra Hard Corps
Super Ghouls & Ghosts completely kills Genesis Ghouls & Ghosts.

Gunstar Heroes, Vectorman & Contra Hardcorps is nothing a SNES can’t handle.
Mega Man X looks much better than those.

Donkey Kong country looked much better than anything the 32X had, even without any special chips & Mega Man X3 looked as good on the SNES as it did on the Saturn & PSX.

Actually the Genesis did very poor sales in Japan compared to SNES & PCE.
SNES was 1st, PCE was 2nd & Genesis was 3rd very close to the NES. Even GB killed the Genesis in sales.

Also games that were released on both PCE & Genesis looked worse on the Genesis (fewer colours)
After Burner II
Daisenpu – Tiger Shark
Ninja Warriors
Steet Fighter II (PCE) kills Genesis SF2 in the Graphics department!
Twin Cobra

As for the PCE CD, well it killed the SEGA CD.

The PCE could display parallax scrolling backgrounds:
One example that comes to mind at the moment is Air Zonk.

But my opinion is that the PCE/Duo had fewer games worth owning than the SNES & Genesis.

The Genesis had some awesome games like:
Soic 1 & 2
Thunder Force III
Streets of Rage series

Eternal Champions for SEGA CD is supposed to use 256 colours on-screen. I doubt it as it still looks like shit & blocky.

Over all the SNES killed the Genesis in world-wide sales, not just Europe.
Even the N64 did better sales than Genesis.
The NES smoked the Genesis sales...
The AMIGA in amount/quality games.
Everything owned the Geny.

Best-selling consoles in video games history:

• Gameboy Series, Nintendo, 110million
• Playstation, Sony, 74million
• NES, Nintendo, 62million
• SNES, Nintendo, 49million
• N64, Nintendo, 28million
• Atari VCS, Atari, 26million
• Mega Drive, Sega, 23million
• Master System, Sega, 10million

Also compare TMNT (SNES) to the Genesis version (Both perspective & 1-on-1 beat em ups look much better on the SNES)

Not to mention the poor quality of the hardware of the genesis. If you tap the genesis just a little when a game cartridge is being played, the game will freeze.

This never happens on the SNES, which secures the cartridges with a plastic lock as soon as you press the power button.

So over all the SNES is the better console.
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