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I'm shocked at how much you rate the Megadrive over the SNES... The words "there were more games out on the megadrive" just doesnt cut it for me, most were pants, and so were the selection for the SNES... but IMO- Theres DEFINATELY more QUALITY games out on the SNES, the ratio is far better (amount of games > quality)

I suppose there's been a shedload of good games for the megadrive, "Toejam and Earl", Roadrash series... basically its more of an arcade machine... but for lastability, defo the snes :-D RPGNESS! - and the snes had special chips embedded into the cartridges to make them do magical stuff :-D ... compare Megaman X-3 or Street Fighter Alpha technically to any Megadrive game, it aint gonna happen!

If the PCE had gone worldwide, ... probably that, its SPEEDY as F@*&!
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