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I say the SNES.

Had the best graphics of the 3 as it could produce the most colours on screen (256) & the best scaling & rotation effects.
Also had best music produced by the cool sony spc700 sound chip set.
But had the slowest CPU (only 3.6MHZ) of the 3 consoles resulting in heavy slowdowns in some games, especially in Thunder Spirits, where as Thunder Force III on the Genesis was perfect. Rocket Night Adventures 2 on the SNES was as fast if not faster than the Genesis version though.
Some games on the SNES looked absolutely stunning compared to the Genesis & PCE.
(Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong Country, Axelay, etc...)

Not a true 16bit console as it had two 8-Bit CPUs at 3.6MHZ each & a 16-Bit GPU.
Technically had the 2nd best graphics as it could produce 256 colours on screen, but had a lower colour palette (512 colours) compared to the SNES 32000 colour palette, thus games didn't look as "Live" & "crisp" as they did on the SNES.
Not many games on the PCE utilized all 256 colours though. Few that I think they did were: Street Fighter II, Strip Fighter II, Parodius, After Burner & maybe even Magical Chase & Twin Bee, but not counting SuperGrafX games. Probably the two 8-bit CPUs & the 8K Main RAM was bottle necking the system.
Also Because of it's low Main RAM only 8K! Games were not as detailed as on the Genesis & SNES, sprites had less frames & less background layers.
The music was the worse of the 3 consoles as it could only produce 6 stereo channels.

Was the fastest of the 3 as it had a 68000 CPU at 7.6MHZ
Had the worse graphics of the 3 consoles. Being able to produce only 64 colours on screen out of 512 colour palette, this was the systems “Achilles’ Heel”
Games were fairly detailed though with quite a few frames of animation for the sprites & backgrounds.
Music was better than PCE but could not touch the SNES music.

Most games that were released on all 3 consoles generally looked quite worse on the Genesis compared to the PCE & SNES. (example Street Fighter II)

Also how many games on the PCE (Not SuperGrafX & DUO) actually utilized all 256 colours on screen?
The only ones I think they did are:

Street Fighter II
Strip Fighter II
After Burner
& maybe even Magical Chase & Detana Twin Bee.

But I'm not sure...?

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