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Nice one Cody

I have no problem updating Guardians with this information from Mike. I am not sure how to show the information so will consult with the other members to find the best solution. Obviously the ST was the start platform for some of these but the parallel development afterwards needs to be noted on both sites, its certainly a important aspect of the evolution of the game and should be remarked upon.

My first ideas would be something like the following:

Origin: Dual ST/Amiga
Origin: Dual ST/Amiga Development
Origin: Parallel ST/Amiga
Origin: Parallel ST/Amiga Development

This is for games that Mike says where developed in parallel. For games that started on the ST followed by ST/Amiga dual development its more difficult because in essence it is an 'ST Original' game, but to me its not the whole story so somehow we need to add the dual development into the equation.

Origin: ST, Dual ST/Amiga
Origin: ST then Dual ST/Amiga

More information could then be given in the notes field to explain exactly what this field means. This is only my first thoughts after reading the information from Mike, I am sure there will be more elegant solutions. Whatever the solution is, both sites should take care to show exactly the same data for both platforms.

BTW, before anyone remarks on why I always put ST before Amiga in ST/Amiga, I would like to explain that the magazine ST/Amiga Format started doing it that way and thats the way everyone does it since then!
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