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The end the world nigh!

Seriously, I beleive the Chaos Engine originated on the Amiga, and as for the Chaos Engine 2 the ST didn't even get a look in since it was finished as a viable platform by that time.

At least the Bitmap Brother actually enhanced the games for the Amiga. The sound effects in Gods are much better on the Amiga than on the ST. Although the ST also (amazingly) got the 'Into the Wonderful' which sounded exactly the same on the ST. To do this the brothers built a tracker player into the ST version so an Amiga mod could be played, the same occured with Magic Pockets. To actally play a mod to the same standard as the Amiga the ST was stretched, in the intro where you get to learn about the guest the Amiga scrolls it up the screen, on the ST the text is simply stwiched at intervals. When playing the tracker module the ST could do little else since the processor was simulating four channel stereo sound.
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