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I am the project co-ordinator of Guardians of the PaST. I would like to thank CodyJarrett and the rest of the team for establishing links to our site. Some parts of our site where actually influenced by HOL and so we where more than happy about the links.

Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
Hehe, just had a look and they removed the 'ST original' info Found some games in the past where the info on HOL and GotP weren't 'compatible'
Well nice to see the extra info on HOL and hope more sites for other systems follow
I'm not 100% what you mean here. If you mean we mark some games as 'ST Original' then you are correct. However, we only do this when a game originated on the ST and then converted to other platforms. A good proportion of 16-bit games prior to 1990 originated on the ST and then converted to the Amiga, sometimes these conversions where sloppy and did not make use of the Amiga's features. From 1990 onwards this trend reversed and the ST got the conversion from the Amiga. Of course there are always exceptions to this, for example, all Bitmap Brothers games where developed on ST's up to the end of 1991. Of course the Bitmap Brothers made sure the obvious advantage of the Amiga's custom chips and sound where fully utilised, unlike other companies sloppy conversions.

To summerise, if a game like Dungeon Master started out life on the ST then its marked 'ST Original', if not then we mark it 'Platform Coversion'. I should also state that we never guess a games origins, we do a lot of research to find out everything we can about a game. As an Amiga lover myself you can be sure I would never sell it down the river, all we do it tell the historic truth.
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