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First thank you for this great piece of software. For now, I plan to use it inside my linux home studio setting (plugging the a1200 inside sound card line in), and then use my MIDI controllers to mix it with my other softwares.

But of course, that's my short-term plan. I'm so enthusiast about this software that I'd like to buy another real amiga, and use them the way the software has been designed, with one mixer and 2 amigas. I will have to find a cheap a1200, since I readed that it was best to not mix diferent models together ?

Concerning the program itself, I'd be happy to have even shorter loops than 1 step loops (to make these funny aphex twin style breaks), and on my machine, I cannot mute 2 (or more) tracks simultaneously. It would be cool to do this.

Another thing : it would be cool if you could post (pdf maybe) your functions stencils (wich we can see on your videos) you put on your amigas.

Last thing wich would be cool, having the BPM shown in the "mods crate" windows, and maybe some kind of crates organisation functionality (even some kind of xml-like sheet inside the drawer). It would be easier for large mods collections.

Otherwise, one of the best amiga programs seen for ages. Thank you. I'll contribute as soon as possible.

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