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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
That just makes the setup/running progress of PT-1210 more complex, unnecessarily. As it is right now it's fire and forget, and I'd love it to stay that way.

Asking people to pre-analyze their mods is a no-no. As you can see above, someone is even getting problems running this from the CLI.
PT-1210 does pre-analyzing/setup/running progress already. I didn`t mean that the user have to analyze each mod. This should and is done by PT-1210. My intention was to make more easier to use.

What is so complicated about copying software (one file) to C: or modules path, then fill directory with modules?
Copy to C: or somewhere else in path is ok. To modules path is very bad style. The main problem I don`t like is that you need to copy/move modules.

I understand that there is too much different amiga hardware and configuration to have one simple solution. Someone will use two A600 with just HD. Next use two A1200 with 060 power with a lot of Ram.
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