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I've created (WIP) somekind of taskbar (yes, now you'll have 3 to choose) using TinyMeter and joining a menu with Magellan. This Taskbar will be only for Magellan users because of the Start Menu. Yes I could do also just a TinyMeter taskbar, but it woudn't give me the menus the Magellan Start menu does, and also the AmiKit Eye icon looks better using it.

I'm making an script to install it, but as I must change the position of the bar for the different screen modes, I want to know what screen modes you are using/want. Actually I've made 3 options to choose with the installer: Pal High Res Laced, SuperPlus and HighGFX.


For the Taskbar background I'm using an image of jPV, that also made a great taskbar time ago and has inspired me.

It can be partially transparent too:

My purpose is not making just my own taskbar, but to make the fastest one with nice graphics (it only will take a bit more to boot the system).

I'm waiting to know if you want any other screenmode supported, also betatesters (real machine) are welcomed and needed.

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