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Originally Posted by amigappc View Post
I have Blizzard 1230/IV 50mhz + 32MB ram + FPU

Scandoubler is external MV1200 with flickerfixer

What resolution do you reccomend for best experience? Also, do Amikit supports preinstalled whdload collections like Classicwb? What system partition size is reccomend?
I am actually using on my Cf 700Mb for DH0. The info says it's using 513Mb, and has 186Mb free (with Magellan you can do a right click on your partition, "Disk information", and you see that on a 3D graphic like Windows). I think 700Mb is a good size to choose

-Edit (later one): As long as I update it, it needs more room, so you better leave 900 Mb for it.-

Install first a good File System: PFS3AIO, it will make it run faster.

I would recommend 800x600 having a Flickerfixer if it can manage that. Superplus is what I would need. If yours can you are a happy man.
Without flickerfixer I use Pal High Res Laced, 724x566. When you select it you will see it is named as CGXPal instead of Pal; that's because of the CyberbugFix patch. If you need another monitor driver they are stored in Storage/Monitors, and you can move it to Devs/Monitors.

Yes, it will open any game as has WHDLoad preinstalled (add the key to S and the Kickstarts to Devs/Kickstarts), so it's like CWB: If you already have the games downloaded and stored in another partition you just have for example to open IGame, right click, Settings, Game Repositories, search where the drawer with your games is (clicking on the "folder" icon), then click on Add, and later right click on Igame again and Actions, Scan repositories.

You can also install for example KGLoad Beta; in that case you should open where you've saved KGLoad, see it as lister, open Profiles, Default, and edit (with Magellan is right click, Edit with EditPad) Profile.ini. Then where it says GameDir= you must write each directory, as KGLoad won't search for subdirectories. So it must look like (example):
... and so on.

KG hasn't finished the pack with all the images yet, but he solved a problem that it had at the beginning with the CyberBugFix patch, so you must substitute the existing "KGLoad" icon (script) it has. Lately I have done an icon-script for it that you can also use to substitute the existing. If your plan is to install KGLoad and add it to the AmiStart bar, the icon he made can't be opened from there, but mine will do.

I've attached it
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