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I don't understand why it is so hard to respect my decision over how the software I made with my friend is distributed. Also why you have to post publicly about it and make some reference to a certain "spirit" I obviously not share, after I repeatedly told you I don't want it to be distributed in your Workbench package. Is it for leverage or to make me feel guilty? It doesn't work and I would appreciate if you would stop being so aggressive about this matter.

If you like the software so much as you say, point people to our site where they can download it for free and understand and see the software in the context is meant to be seen, not as some weird "module player" launched from Workbench in some sort of Workbench installation pack.

If a professional-grade, well thought out, feature-packed software released for free to everyone isn't in the "Amiga spirit", we clearly have very different views of what this "Spirit" should be.

Anyone that wants the software can go to and download it as well as other goodies like the "module crates" we prepared for you. You can also download it from or's Revision 2014 archive. It's free and it's cool. Merry Christmas?
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