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Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
I think I'm going to opt for Remainder Software Guru Meditation Software is perhaps a little bit of a mouthful... but it was a very hard choice. Thanks to everyone who came up with a suggestion and thus did a better job than me
Great choice, Graham!

I did think it might be better abbreviated to RemSoft, but a quick Google search showed that it's already used by a number of companies, and we wouldn't want to fall foul of trademark registration regulations.

Originally Posted by mihcael View Post
Originally Posted by Graham Humphrey View Post
Now we need a logo
I might have a go at some basic designs. do you have any ideas about the look?
Well, when I was considering what RemSoft might look like, I imagined italic red or yellow lettering on a black background - RemSoft - with the hole in the 'o' filled in. That idea could still be used for the full name - Remainder Software - again with the 'o' filled in and perhaps also with Rem and Soft accented by emboldening them or making them slightly brighter (I don't think that would infringe any trademarks).

I know that's not very imagininitive, but the only other thing I could think of was to superimpose the above logo horizontally across a line drawing of a radar screen in the same colour as the lettering.

It's up to the creator, of course, but if you should opt for the radar screen idea, let me know and I'll create a quick mock-up drawing and scan it to illustrate what I mean.
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