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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Can the title be altered to say "Amiga OS4 versioN" instead? Because as it is, it's slightly misleading.
Yes, it's an "Amiga", but it's not an -Amiga-, if you catch my drift.
It would still be misleading, because it also works on MorphOS and AROS. Executables for these three platforms are distributed in the same archive and all get installed at once. So, developers simply call it "Amiga" version while it really is something "NG Amiga compatibles" version, feel free to fight the term

This game looks great, I've been meaning to bag it on Steam for a while, but since I actually want to play it, I am kinda holding out on them maybe considering a PS4 version at some point.
Yeah, it's lovely game. We started to play it as two player game last weekend with my wife. We played it on MorphOS and I used mouse/keyboard while she used Dualshock4 pad.

We probably didn't get too far yet, but it seems to have awful lot of all kinds of details and stuff going on everywhere. Fun to explore. We got out of sewers, shopped and gambled around the ciry, and then went to pools, but should have been more careful there and died stupidly. Have to continue soon, we got hooked
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