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Thank you for the link.
Christian Haller was the developer of Sports and WorldwideHunting. He has created a version of Sports, which is playable with the mouse and he has provided an ADF-image and Video of this version on his page. It seems that the original version is only playable with the Golem-Lightgun.
Furthermore he gaves some technical information of developement. So he explained that he has created a special disk-format, where he was able to store more data than on the normal disk-format of AmigaOS. That format was also used as copy-protection:

Snip ->
Um die Daten des Games auf eine Diskette zu bringen, kam ein spezielles Diskettenformat zum Einsatz mit welchem pro Spur mehr Daten als mit dem Diskformat des AmigaOS geschrieben werden konnte. Dies diente gleichzeitig als Kopierschutz. Weil mit dem Diskcontroller des Amiga auf Bit-Ebene von der Diskette gelesen werden konnte, war es möglich jedes beliebige Format zu schreiben und zu lesen.
<- Snap

So that's the explaination why I can't access the data and create an ADF-image ...
I hope that a more skilled person(StingRay?) can have a look to the wwarp-image in the zone and decode the data and create an WHDLoad-image.

Attached are some images of the package and the disk.
BTW I own a KryoFlux but haven't used it very often.
The other disk with the game MasterOfTheTown is a dos-disk but has some Read-Errors when I try to access data under AmigaOS. I will see what I can do to secure the data. My time is very limited.
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