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Originally Posted by amilo3438 View Post
Well, just from curiosity have been continued with pages 17,18,19,20 and now really decided to stop with further testing ... see no point as those demos are really look to be very simple in comparison to all others already tested before.

So, that would be now 20 pages x 25 demos/page = 500 demos already tested.
Again, just from curiosity finished with testing next 8 pages, thus it would be now 28 x 25 = 700 demos already tested from pouet link ...
and that present almost 30% of all Amiga OCS/ECS demos currently existing there.

Well, I have also reached the point where continuing with further demo testing make no more fun anymore, so that would be all for now ... and this time mean ... real.

I have already added those new findings in the demo status list so everything now can be found on one place.

A little statistics:
700 demos tested
27 problems found
12 found not to be an emu problem
6 demos already fixed now
9 demos remain to verify and/or fix .... and that present 1.29% of all already tested demos!

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