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Originally Posted by alexh

One of my disks was a strange Psygnosis demo, slideshow.

It was DOS so I've uploaded it

Psygnosis Slideshow

If anyone remembers it, let me know.
Hmm.. I know all about this
SRS was someone who I was working with until he ripped me off. I`m going to have a look at it now for nostalgia reasons. I even suspect that this is the slideshow that contains my screen roller code....

Yes. thats the one. Gets me all angry thinking about it. Me and this guy were "Silent Running Software" at the time (around 1988) and we split over him ripping me off. I recognise that screen roller I coded, cos it has that bug at the bottom of the scroll.. If you can ever find the "Full FX" music demo I made, it has the exact same scroll.
He was a complete wanker (Frank Tout was his name) and I think I paid him due homage in one of my subsequent mods with the mod title being called "Frank Suck on this" (see if you can find which one it was !)

Psygnosis response to SRS split (which was after the blood money music) was to play us off - I won.

Incidentally, this arsehole pocketed all the money from the bloodmoney music, and thought he would get the subsequent work.. Ohh.. I hope he's a drug addict on income support now.

Thanks for opening that old would Alex

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