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I moved to Open Source Linux from Amiga OS after my Amigas died and the Amithlon stopped working due to loosing the GForce graphics card) mostly because Linux reminds me more of Amiga OS than any other modern OS. So I have a lot of experience with open source software in the passing 10 years.

Open source soft ware means the source code is available in human readable form, but open source does not mean you cannot charge for it or that it is not protected by copyright and you still can sue people who rip off the code and use it in their own product and demand royalties from them.

In fact most open source soft ware is copy righted - if for no other reason than to keep someone else from filling copyright.

In another enterprise venue, patents are "open source" in that the device must be described in such a manner that others can build one and also confirm that it works. However patent law requires that anyone incorporating the patented device or technique into their product must pay a royalty or not use the technique.

Of course there is the problem of enforcement ;-)

A number of companies that have "enterprise major" pieces of software such as Apache(used by most servers) still have the software presented as open source so that clients can modify things to suite special circumstances.

The concept of Open Source is "free" as in "freedom" (to understand) not "free" as in "free beer".

Given how successful hackers are at copying and breaking software install protection, software authors gain little from not providing the source code at some point in the later in the release cycle of their product.

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